Guillermo Katz (1988) is a theatre director, actor, professor and researcher from Tucumán, Argentina.


The pillars of his work are relationships and encounters as artistic procedures, acting as a specific language and a sense of irony and a critical outlook towards production methods.


His obsessions are intimacy and closeness and the production of scenic material based on irreverence and excess. These are all political gestures of resistance to the current hyper-mediatized times, of immediate and disposable relationships, that look to provide solidness to the bodies in presence, their relationships and the situations they experience.


As a director he has developed “Apenas Minutos” (2011), “Museo Medea” (2012-2015), “Nos, los representantes” (2016) a trilogy about gender and sexuality “Textos Putxs” (2017) and "Drama (Típico teatro de living" (2019). As an actor and performer he has worked in many pieces since 2004, among them the plays “6 (seis)” (2013) with the group Manojo de Calles from Tucumán, “Acomodarse” (2013) by Carlos Alsina, “Long Distance Affaire” (2013) with the NYC Company Pop-up Theatrics and a series of one-to-one performances (2015) at Lancaster, UK for his MA Thesis.

He has participated in several national and international scenic arts festivals, such as the OPEN 2015 at Lancaster, the 2013 Buenos Aires’ Young People Art Biennale, the 26th International University Theatre Festival of Blumenau in Brasil (2013) and the 28th National Theatre Festival of Argentina (2013).

Resident at the Young Artists' Forum of the 14th International Festival of Buenos Aires (FIBA 2019).

He is a graduate of the MA in Theatre and Performance at Lancaster University in the UK and of the Licentiate Degree in Theatre at the National University of Tucumán. He has also undertaken professional training workshops with renowned Argentinian theatre personalities, Raúl Reyes, Beatriz Lábatte, Ricardo Bartís, Federico León, Cristina Banegas, Augusto Fernández, Alejandro Catalán, Paco Giménez, Claudia Cantero, Emilio García Wehbi, among others.


He has been awarded different grants and scholarships, from the National Arts’ Fund of Argentina for creative work (2016 & 2019), from the National Theatre Institute for research (2016) and for completing his undergraduate studies (2012), from the Plato Academy of Athens University to participate in the 3rd Ancient Greek Drama Summer School (2015) and from Lancaster University to undertake the MA in Theatre and Performance (2014).


Guillermo is currently a professor of theatre history at the National University of Tucumán and also provides independent workshops.

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